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Client Testimonials . . . 


Reed Harrison is a designer with unparalleled attention to detail.


She understands what my needs are as her client and is compelled to continually and happily wrap herself around my desire for functional and comfortable designs that are geared specifically toward my family.


Reed’s designs are what I have always imagined. She gave us a stylish home filled with European, traditional, mid-century and modern elements.


We have a beautiful and Southern style home because of her enthusiastic eye on the design world…. a home that we will always cherish!


Kelly Shaheen Polk


Reed Harrison has an amazing eye for design. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to listen to her clients. 


She consistently creates rooms that fit our lifestyle, meet our expectations for comfort, and are completely gorgeous.  


Reed is a pleasure to work with from idea generation to the final touches of a project. 


No detail is too small for Reed's attention.


She is so wonderful that we are now working together on our second home.  


Reed is the best!


Kit Bredrup


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