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Reed Harrison established herself as a Design Professional in 1995. Her career began after decades of immersing herself in the world of art and fashion.


From a very early age, she enjoyed painting and using mixed media to create unique compositions. By the age of ten, she had purchased her first art book by David Hockney whom she admired for his modern and vivid images.


She was also developing an interest in fashion and had a keen eye for “what worked." This translated into nearly 10 years of working in the business of Haute Couture where she was captivated by fashion designers throughout time. Reed enjoys wearing and collecting her own beautiful, classic and ageless couture pieces coupled with the treasures that have been passed down from her mother and grandmother.


In the 1980’s as a teen, she would make collages of newly discovered “super models” wearing gorgeous clothes. Today she credits Emilio Pucci and Vittorio Missoni for her appreciation of bold patterns and colors, and it was Coco Chanel whose practical design and expensive simplicity peeked Reed’s interest in Coco’s display of texture, glamour and timeless design that is now a staple at Reed Harrison Designs.


Givenchy was a favorite of her Grandmother’s, and Reed admired Givenchy’s sophisticated looks he created for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She loves the designs of Christian Dior and YSL as well as more recent designers suc', h as Tom Ford and Zac Posen.


Years ago, one of the main things that drove Reed to delve even deeper into her design career was another visit to Paris. With her young daughter by her side, they not only scoured the Parisian flea markets, dined in exquisite surroundings, toured the finest palace and gardens, they also attended the Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs Exhibit at the Musee des Art Decoratifs. It was the highlight of their trip.


It was at that point, it really clicked. There were no rules in fashion or design, she thought, and pushed herself even further to create only the best, most luxurious and sought after design work of her own. With Coco's motto ”Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury" in the forefront of her mind, Reed began to increase her design library with more gorgeous yet comfortable and practical textiles to elevate the homes of her clients and their young families.


Today Reed travels across the country and beyond to bring her clients the absolute best resources available. And when they are not available, she devises her own. Although Reed does incorporate some interior design trends into the personality of the spaces that she constructs, it is her ability to intuitively transform rooms using objects throughout history mixing antiques with contemporary art and vice versa that provide her clients with an innovative and one-of-a-kind harmonious atmosphere.


Reed is a native Nashvillian. She now lives in Richmond with her husband and two children. She has established herself as a leading designer in her area showcasing several homes she has decorated on Virginia’s Historic Home and Garden Week Tours. Her most recent design work carries her coast to coast and Florida is quickly becoming a preferred design destination particularly in the winter months. 

At the same time, she has started painting again. Her original artwork is inspired by her love of combining color. Her pieces can be found on her website as well as in local galleries. She is looking forward to expanding this area of her business. 

What's up next: For the month of December Reed is featured with 15 other artists in the Bright, Bold and Gold art show at Palette Home in Richmond.

In early January 2019, she will return to Paris to attend "Deco Off Paris", and later in the month she is excited to help sponsor the 2nd Annual Kips Bay Palm Beach Show House from January 26- February 20, 2019. In March she will be featured in another art show... Stay tuned.

Reed believes strongly that she wouldn't be where she is today without growing up around the men and women in her family who have an extensive appreciation for beautiful, sophisticated and timeless design in the art, fashion and interiors world.

Though Reed considers herself to be fortunate for her achievements, her greatest accomplishment is the family life she and her husband have built with their two children.

Goals: Ironically the name of her first business venture was "The Sky's The Limit", and she believes just that. Turning 50 in July 2018 was not only a milestone but a wonderful opportunity for her to reflect upon the way she's lived, what she's accomplished and what is yet to come. "What I've found is pretty satisfying and I wouldn't change any of the opportunities I've had to learn and grow. God has put me exactly where I've needed to be every step of the way".

"I have such a strong passion for so many things that it will be almost impossible to be proficient in all of my interests; but that doesn't mean I won't try. The truth be told, when the Trivial Pursuit card reads, 'Would you rather be good at a lot of things or great at one?' "That's so easy for me to answer.... Good at a lot of things." I enjoy all the same things that most artistic people enjoy: travel, art, fashion, interiors, photography...I also love entertaining, cooking, floral design and am an avid gardener". "I love anything pretty especially jewelry. Are you seeing a pattern here? I never said some of my interests were inexpensive, but I'm also interested in many things that don't cost a penny". "Nature: the sea, the mountains, the open road and for that matter the road less traveled."

"Reading history, frankly the history of anything. Although I benefit from many modern era things, I'm an old soul at heart. My business certainly benefits from technology like digitally printed paper, however I am fascinated by the way wallpaper was originally produced and how the process has changed over the centuries. Mark my words, venturing into 21st century wall covering some day." "Write that down." 

"Gosh the list of my passions goes on and on. It probably has something to do with the fact that about 30 years ago I bought a book called "14,000 Things To Be Happy About" and proceeded to try to experience or accomplish all of them." "I don't really have a Bucket List, but if I did, jumping out of a plane wound not be on it!" "I prefer to be down here and avoid any dangerous situation when it can be helped. My passions and goals definitely aren't dare-devilish. The only real risks I take these days are with my design work."

"The one thing that remains to be and always has been my greatest passion is spending time with my husband and two young adult children. Is that an oxymoron? I'll take any time I can get!! I'm so glad that I had the good sense to really enjoy that time while they were growing up. Time is the one thing you can never get back. The truth in the adage that "The greatest thing you can give and spend on your children is Time," is exactly that - True." Nothing I desired, sought or chased ever got in the way of that, and I thank the good Lord every day!" 

"This journey has been very personal; so yes, I have reflected, I've accomplished and I welcome what is left to come." Goodness, I've basically started a Blog here and that wasn't on my list, although I will say that writing is a passion. Book someday soon". "Write that down too." The things that you have now learned about me are the same things I'm interested in about others. So I will look forward to those conversation in the future." 

 That's all folks!

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